Update: 今年不涨学费的约克秋季能否正常开学?

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1. 今年秋季将有50%的课程恢复线下面授

2. 同时,约克将继续提供高质量的线上课程,满足无法参加面授的同学

3. 预计冬季学期可以全面恢复线下


York University


La version française suit la version anglaise.

Dear York Community,

In my last update in March, I shared details with you about our plans for the safe return to York’s campuses this fall based on public health and government guidelines. Faculties began the work of identifying priorities for in-person instruction based on an assumption of being able to utilize about 25 to 30 percent of our space.

Understanding the significant impact on our students, our goal has been to ensure that all students have access to some in-person instruction, while also being mindful of the needs of students who may still require remote access to courses. We also indicated that we would continue to closely monitor for any updates impacting the higher education sector. Over the past few weeks, a number of new developments have led to a more optimistic outlook for the Fall and Winter Terms.  

While the current rate of COVID-19 infections in the Greater Toronto Area remains high, there are indications that the situation may significantly improve by September. The Provincial Government has announced an accelerated vaccine roll-out, which will expand eligibility to all members of the York community this month.  

There is also a growing recognition that with continued stable vaccine supply, people may be able to access their second doses sooner. Health Canada has also approved the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 12 years and up, and there are indications that, pending review and approval, this could be expanded further to children aged 5 to 11 years old by the end of summer. In short, it is expected that more people will be fully vaccinated sooner over the summer months.  

While we do not yet know exactly what the fall will look like, current guidelines indicate that it will be possible to significantly increase in-person learning and co-curricular opportunities on our campuses this fall. We are therefore preparing a more optimistic scenario with closer to 50 percent of courses being offered in-person, focusing on offerings for first- and second-year students, whose transition to university has been greatly impacted by this pandemic.


At the same time, we will continue to provide access to a high-quality remote learning experience for those who are not able to attend classes in person this fall. As always, the health and safety of our York community comes first, and we will continue to closely monitor the public health situation over the coming months to determine the best course of action for our community. We understand that everyone is eager for certainty. This updated plan is based on the most recent projections, and courses will shortly be uploaded for course registration this fall. We will also be able to plan for more staff, faculty, and instructors on our campuses as the situation improves, and we will regularly update you as plans evolve.


Based on the latest projections, we are preparing for a full return to our campuses for the Winter Term. In the coming weeks and months, we strongly encourage all members of the York community to get their COVID-19 vaccine at their earliest opportunity, to protect themselves and their families, loved ones, and colleagues as we look forward to coming together again.   


We encourage you to join us at the Town Hall this Wednesday, May 12, from 3:00 to 4:30 pm, where we will be able to answer your questions and discuss this outlook for the Fall and Winter Terms. I look forward to seeing you there, and will continue to keep you updated in the coming months as our planning continues.


Rhonda Lenton

President & Vice-Chancellor   


4-1.pngVari Hall 前的草坪

紧接着,约克副校长Lusy Fromowitz 又给大家分享了很多实用信息


Dear XXX,

Hello future Lion! I know it’s one of your most pressing questions right now, so I am following up on President Lenton’s recent update about our plans for a safe and gradual return to in-person learning on our campuses.  

Increasing Opportunities for In-Person Teaching  

Current indications, such as an accelerated COVID 19 vaccine roll-out across Canada, support increasing in-person learning and co-curricular opportunities on our campuses. We are planning to offer up to 50% of courses in-person for the Fall 2021 term and a full return in Winter 2022.

The course timetable will be published at the end of May on the York Courses websiteand each course will identify whether the class will be held in-person or taught remotely. As you review these courses, if you do not plan to join us in-person at the start of the Fall term, you should enroll in remote Fall classes only.  
课程具体的时间安排将于5月底在York Courses官网公布:https://w2prod.sis.yorku.ca/Apps/WebObjects/cdm 。每门课程都将标明是线下面授还是线上授课。如果你不打算在秋季学期返校参加线下的面授,则请只选择远程线上的秋季课程。
Course enrolment will begin in June and we will be reaching out to you with information about your enrolment date. Don’t hesitate to contact your academic advisor if you have questions about your enrolment date or the enrolment process.

Continued Access to Remote Learning

We also look forward to engaging with you online. York will continue to provide access to a high-quality remote learning experience, and we are committed to providing support and resources for you to maximize your success.



We’re waiting to welcome you to your new community!
Whether you’ll live on campus, commute to your classes or study remotely this fall, we have supports and resources ready to help you thrive and succeed. Learn how you can
get ready for your first year at York.  
The health and safety of our York community always guides our decisions. We continue to closely monitor the public health situation and will provide updates.  
If you have not already accepted your offer of admission to York for this fall, I encourage you to do so and look forward to welcoming you on our campuses in the near future.

Best wishes,

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students
York University


同样,约克的大部分语言项目(学术英语AP、直通车PDY/DY、桥梁YUB、研究生预科GSPP),也将在秋季提供:混合教学 blended(线下与线上结合 in-person and online)和实时线上教学remote, live-online ,以满足不同学生的需求。

For on-campus, face-to-face classes, we aim to exceed government-mandated health regulations to ensure the safety of students, faculty, course instructors and staff.
Our blended program offerings will follow this weekly structure:
· 6 hours in-
person class in a social distanced classroom
· 6 hours synchronous learning in a live-online Zoom classroom environment
· 8 hours asynchronous, self-directed online learning
· 6课时在能满足社交距离的教室面授
· 6课时Zoom实时同步教学
· 8课时非实时的线上学习
if you are unable to travel to Canada, or are not comfortable attending in person classes this fall, we will also continue to offer remote, live-online delivery of all our English Language programs. In person classes are also entirely dependent on government-mandated lockdowns or public health restrictions at the time, and we will adjust our approach accordingly if in-person gatherings are prohibited.
Additionally, if we are unable to meet an enrollment threshold for each program session, we will not offer a blended option and deliver the program completely online. If we are unable to hold face-to-face classes, we will still plan to hold in-person social events for students in the country that meet government regulations.




从去年3月中旬世卫组织宣布新冠肺炎成为全球大流行病开始,加拿大所有大学立即响应政府决策全面改为线上授课,以保证学生和教职员工的安全/健康。这一年多,你还好么?约克大学校长 Rhonda Lenton 再次对大家的理解和支持表示诚挚的敬意和感谢





另外,虽然每年学费按比例小幅度的增长是各大学的惯例(很多大学依然在这样执行)…… 但在如此严峻的情况下,约克大学却承诺今年不增加国际学生学费!绝对是实实在在的良心大学!

















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